So what?  Well, it is yet another example of why I like chukar hunting along the precipitous Salmon River Breaks.  There are so many cool things to see while hunting in far out terrain, and hard to get places.  The rewards of discovery await those willing to cover the ground less traveled.

Just the other day, I found an interesting Hoodoo, that gave the strange feeling I was either being watched by non-human landmarks, or had entered a fantasy world akin to tramping through Easter Island.  Maybe too much blood to my head getting to higher elevations, make my mind run rampant??

In addition to land forms, other discoveries also often await the curious eye.  Shed antlers, deer, elk, or bighorn sheep come to mind. I have found all, at various times over the years. Often they get carted home as a gift for my wife, and an incentive for her to keep on encouraging me to head out to the chukar slopes.

Another fun thing about hunting chukars is that it allows me to put my foot down in places very few people,  if any,  ever travel to.  Think about it. This can allow a person to feel like number one. Hero worship is all about following that elusive number. Ever watch football? Who doesn’t want to be on the winning side? It seems our entire culture (and perhaps human nature in general) is obsessed about winning, as is categorized by such words as best, biggest, or most, we so often use.

While your chance of being number one is quite limited in today’s world, these is a way to increase those odds. it just requires some effort. Like in, putting one foot in front of the other and pointing yourself in the direction less pursued.   Chukar world holds all these opportunities, so I take them whenever I can. So can you.

Traversing some remote bowl, tucked away in secluded terrain, invigorates more than just a person’s heart rate. It liberates the soul and inspires true personal freedom.