Happy Haloween – in what could be the scariest one ever.  Who needs goblins and ghouls to terrify our wits, when we have stark reality that is a much more sobering shock to our sensibilities?  Yep, today is the day our world populations reaches the 7 billion mark.  Now, that wouldn’t be so bad if we lived on a planet with an unlimited carrying capacity. But we don’t.  So the closer we get to reaching earths carrying capacity, the scarier things get.

Crossing that line is when the demographic transition changes things most drastically. When humans fail to address their own burgeoning numbers, nature steps in, and harsh consequences is the end result.

Check out these figures for human world population:

500 AD:  200 million
1250:       400 million
1805:            1 billion (Lewis & Clark heads west, finds Salmon River Country)
1920:            2 billion
1959:            3 billion
1987:            5 billion  (United Nations declares July 11, 1987 as “World Population Day” every year thereafter.
1999:            6 billion
2011:             7 billion (Oct 31, 2011 scariest Halloween ever)
2025:            8 billion
2050:            9 billion
2100:           10 billion (that is, if natures response to the 8 billion level is not as self-limiting as it most likely will be)

Lets see, if we were to equate human growth rate to cfs (cubic feet per second) of a rivers flow, which rises exponentially, we would see that each incremental rise in numbers raises the rivers level even more, at an even faster rate. How scary is that?  It doesn’t take long to reach flood levels. That is when the water jumps the bank and begins to raise havoc with the land. A flood of people can do the same.

What to do? Well, look at the picture on this post. Do you see any people in it? Well, the reason you don’t is that there isn’t any to see.  Unbelievable as it seems, you can still travel to places where you can get away from the crowds of humanity. It is still possible to get those Halloween cerebral goblins out of your mind. It just takes know-how and know-where.

Having so much elbow room in one of the deepest canyons in North America, and on one of the most famous rivers (“River of No Return”) on the planet, is amazing.  So if the Goblins of busy intersections, long lines at store counters, and other crowded situations crowd your mind, I have a great solution for you. It’s called “Salmon River” and the steelhead are here in good numbers. Add a few chukars to that mix and some great landscapes, and you have the recipe to a wonderfully medicinal solitude.