Often while fishing, hunting, or river running, my mind gets off focus and makes its own wanderings. Thoughts often drift back to previous adventures and the weird, whacky things that have experienced  in the past.   Who knows what the trigger point will be to arouse those crazy recalls. Such is the mystery of our minds.

But, the other day out on the hill with the girls, chasing chukars, something sent me back to a day many years before, when an old guide friend stopped by our  outfitter shop, here in Riggins, Idaho, just to say hi. My wife and I were visiting with him, standing in a small threesome of a circle, with only about  five feet of distance between each other.  Note: the small size of this circle.

This kid had helped me on previous guided trips, both for steelhead fishing and chukar hunting. He had his young dog with him and we were talking dogs, chukars, and old times. It was early summer, but we were thinking of the up coming fall season. As we spoke, this lone chukar flew down off the surrounding hillside on the far side of our small town main street shop,  landed on the ground, and quite shockingly right in the middle of us all.   It had no sooner landed, than it soon discovered this might not be the right place to hang out.  So it flushed up and away, as quickly as it had landed, and found purchase on the roof of our shop only a few yards away.  But, even that seemed too close, so it finally headed off to better security far across the Salmon River from us.

What a weird coincidence.  I wonder what kind of stories that chukar told its feathered friends?? At least now during chukar hunting season, we like to refer to our shop as the chukar vortex. After all, we are located right smack in the middle of awesome chukar hunting country.