What did the doe say when she ran out of the forest? Boy, I won’t be going back in there and doing that for two bucks again.  Well, all kidding aside, the picture of these two bucks is yet another  example of the other attributes of river running and steelhead fishing that bring such joy to me.  These two bucks were seen along the Salmon River within 40 yds of my dory boat as I drifted quietly along. It was a head pushing dominance dance that lasted for about 5 minutes before they headed up the hill to soon disappear.

Another time on the same river I was steelhead fishing guests and plugging a great tailout, when we looked up on the hill about 200 yds away,  just above the river, and saw two bucks head butting. They were also in a shoving match, but horns were locked and they seemed unable to break the tangle. Finally, as one pushed harder on the other,  they both stumbled and rolled down the hill. Luckily, rather than breakning their necks, it freed their antlers and both got up to trott off in opposite directions.

Yes, fishing is much more than just what happens in the water. Did I mention the day a little water ouzel landed on my oar and gave me the “water dipper eye.” as I lifted it out of the water between strokes?