Do fish sleep? Well, if they do, they do it with their eyes wide open.  But hey, that isn’t much different than the mass public. Most people run around with their eyes wide open, but seeing very little.  When fishing slows down, like it has for steelhead this time of year, it might appear that fish are sleeping.  But, like people, they may have their eyes open, but things don’t register. They move to deeper water and let their slower metabolism rule their world.

Same thing with people. It appears we are sleeping too, when considering all the bad politics happening all around that in the final anaylsis has a huge impact to the foundation of planet earth. You know, like habitat. The habitat of fish, wildlife, and people.  Black Friday, is a great symbol of humanities blind spot. We run around shopping in a pyranha like frenzy, with a one track mind for the best possible deal. Unfortunately, the best deal is a ruse of short range thinking, running around like a chicken with its head cut off, and not looking far enough ahead for the true cost of ignorance.

Some of the  things that get by our attention (ignor-ance) are issues like globocop belligerence; decay of civl liberties; phone tapping, (diminished liberty);  holy war on the poor and middle class (99%ers), where lop-sided tax structure favors elitism; insider information available legally only to politicians;  privatizing schools and many other things  to make  more room for  for future development and farther out-of-reach of the general public (less access for fishing and hunting; less habitat for the benefit of fish and wildlife)…in short.

Yes, when a fish sleeps with its eyes open, it might still get snagged by the lure it doesn’t see.  People are the same way. If we enjoy nature, fish, or hunt, and don’t pay attention to all those shinny lures flashing along side of us, sooner or later one will snag us and be to our sorry detriment.

Perhaps the reason people have eyelids is so they really can sleep and get some rest from all our earthly woes. Then when we do open our eyes, we should pay attention more to our peripheral vision than just focusing straight ahead.  For it is in our peripheral vision where our blind spot lives, which can hide the on-coming trains that we don’t see coming down the track.  There are many trains. Pay attention. Be conscious? Don’t sleep with your eyes wide open. Everything is here.  Are you?