While hunting chukars on a recent “hike your butt off” climb, I ended up seeing more elk in bird habitat than chukars. The next day I went big game  hunting, and saw more chukars in elk  habitat than I did big game.  It wasn’t the my first time to see deer and elk in chukar habitat, as they do share the same range grasses, forbs, and browse during the winter.  But it was the first time I had seen chukars in dense forest of mixed conifer (Doug Fir and Ponderosa Pine) with Ninebark/ Snowberry/Oceanspray thick shrub understory.

I have seen chukars in areas with sparse trees and edge-line forests, before,  but not that far away from what I always thought of as prime chukar habitat.  (300 yds from nearest bunchgrass slope). They were in 6 inches of snow and trying to get out of the 20-30 mph hour winds that was also freezing my body parts, too. So I thus learned another lesson from chukar world.

Apparently, their behavior (hunkered down to get out of the wind) made more sence than mine – hiking around in the middle of it all.  That is part of the problem of having a higher brain.  Our supposed smarts sometimes gets in our own way.