When you look at your reflection in the river it gives the illusion of another person who looks just like yourself, looking back at you. Who is that person?  Is it you? How can it be you, if you are only one, and that which looks back is beyond you? Is that reflection more like the positive side of your shadow?  Both follow your every move, even though one is in front of you. Both seem real, yet are what we call an illusion.

Did you ever wonder why the dynamics of shadows and reflections exist at all? Sure, science can define them, but what is the human value of this illusion?  When you look at the Milky Way, does it not look like a nebulous river running the entire length of the sky? Yet another mere illusion, soberingly silent, stretching vastly into an infinity of cosmos.

Are illusions real? Well, they are after all, real illusions.  When you move, that dark person behind you and the light one in the water reciprocates, too.  You can’t touch it, but it is real. It does what you do. And the only thing that separates you from it, is a still and thin veil of transparent water.  Water that allows you to see through it, yet facilitating a chance for you to look back at yourself.  The more the surface is disturbed, the more the image is distorted, until it reachs a point where it totally disappears.

 Putting our nose against the illusionary mirrors of nature can bring  one a new perception of the world, if we pay attention to such things. And we humans should from time to time.  It can bring us face to face with the realization that human nature is just part of the bigger nature of nature. The illusion of human beingness is that it is outside or separate from Nature.  Illusion is a perception, and some say perception is reality. Though reality takes many forms and is itself a total of many perceptions that constitute the whole. And it is impossible to become whole, if there are any missing parts.

If you consider that there will always be things that are ungraspable, perhaps we can only fathom the idea of wholeness, when we learn how to fathom the idea of infinity.  How can anyone ever appreciate an endless  infinity, if there isn’t an end ?  Rivers are kind of like that. We can float the same river over and over, yet everytime it is always different. The rain cycle between land and sea is endless. It is only an illusion that it is the same river.

I once had a hypnotist on a trip,  when he  caught site of a turtle on the salmon river, which is not known for turtles (that is another story), and tried to convince me of such. Later, we both questioned its reality.  He said:  ” if one person sees it, it’s a illusion. If two people see it, it’s a delusion. If three people see it, then it must be.” Only two of us saw it, unless I consider my shadow the third observer.

Was that turtle that dove to the depths as we approached and disappeared from our sight, real?  Who is that person in the river, loking back at you?   It surely is you, even if you are the only one to see yourself in the river exactly as you are. It may only be an illusion, but it really is who you are. That is the beauty of the river, it reflects back to you , whatever  you give to it.

Perhaps you are thinking I have fallen off the edge and into the deep with this post. The deep what? Be careful in your judgment, I might land right next to you.  Always remember, a  river can also be very deep, as well as endless. You are the river, and the river is you.