Ah! It’s that time of year when many folks go outside to cut down trees then resurrect them back inside their homes and blanket with Christimas lights.   In other words, killing life to celebrate symbolically the gift of death. Perhaps you believe Christ died for the sake of humans, or that when all things biological  in nature die, they give of their life, as the gift of death, so that  other biological things may always live on.   Thus, is the univeral dance of life and death in the natural world.  The idea of “giving” rather through Christ and the Holy Spirit, or  Santa Claus and Elves, or by Nature’s way,  seems an appropriate  idea for this time of year.  Specially in the respect of being bombarded by so many negative things these days.

In seeking that ultimate truth, if there ever is such a thing in an infinite mult-verse, man will probably forever seek the answer to that question. If you believe nothing is impossible, then with that comes the idea that there must be something impossible – like ever learning the great mystery of nature. Or the idea that if anything is possible, that would also include the idea that something is impossible. Can something be  both possible and impossible? Surely so, if you think everything is possible. This type of circular thinking is like the cycles and seasons of nature, ever spinning from year to year.

It is interesting that we wrap trees with man made lights to add beauty, when in reality the tree  needs no such outside help. However, part of that beauty in the lighting, actually does come from nature – it is perhaps the river’s way of speaking to us.  We use its power to make electricity to run man made things, yet it casts this light which is its spirit for man to actually see. As electricity is yet another visible path (yet another branch of its wisdom) of the rivers flowing.

If one would look at a satelite picture of the earth, they would discover that watersheds look like a branching tree. The trees branch of knowlege is an un-ending dicotomous dynamic of pushing earth wisdom forward.   In this since do I celebrate the winter season and the idea of nature’s gifting of perpetual learning.

A tree has its own light and beauty, it needs no outside help from man to appreciate that. Human made lights and displays  seem to  mostly be mans way of celebrating himself, and  his place in nature. All things connect.  The universe is all inclusive.