It seems people these days have become largely swept up by the inventions of  mans technology. Most everyone wants so badly  to be plugged in to something, and connected in some way to the web that unites all things.  The cell phone craze is an epidemic running rampant throught the people of the modern world, as is such influence of all the other computers and high tech gadgets made by man.  At least in  the more industrial world, that is.

I once sat on a commercial airliner and noticed that many of my fellow travlers were so absorbed connecting with people by phone, or watching images of  human form  in videos on their laptops, that they were not talking with a real live human sitting right next to them.  It was like they were searching for something far away, when what they were looking for was right next to them.

While many await that next call from their friends, like awaiting for the gifts from Santa duriing childhood, they often miss the call from something much more grand.  It is a call that does not need any kind of phone to hear, or computer to see.  It only requires changing expectations from where the next  call will come from and tuning into it like changing the dial on a radio station.  You must change the channel if you ever want to hear something different. Nature has an important message for all, but needs more listeners. She never stops talking, though silence can be a part of her voice.

The rivers splash, giggle and gurgle. Birds chirp, sing, and scold. Elk laugh, bugle, and grunt. Winds whisper and howl. Lightning flashes and thunder cracks.  There is a hidden message behind all of nature’s calling. It is a personalized message, meant only for you and your interpetation.

But you can’t hear it with a cell phone in your ear, or see it with transfixed eyes in front of a computer. You must open your eyes and ears to everywhere around you where nature awaits your attention.  Ignoring her calling will be a peril, if put on hold for too long.

The next call may be for you. It might  be from the river.

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