I just got off the hill from a late bow season for elk , where I spent two nights camped out in the snow on top of fresh wolf tracks. Everywhere I went with long bow in hand, wolf tracks were all around me.  Most were right behind elk tracks, so my competition for food was pretty ferocious. I was the real under dog here, no doubt about that.

Sure, they take down elk. But I don’t mind sharing. In fact, I really appreciated being able to have the feeling of stepping right smack  into the middle of a sea of wolf wanderings. Never saw one, or heard any howling, but there hidden presence was a welcome addition to my immediate surroundings.

Never once did I feel threatened or tremble with any  fear while in my sleeping bag. Never felt the need for cozying up to a rifle back-up, like when camping in grizzly country.  No nightmares of vicious wolf attacks,  just pleasant dreams of living in a more robust wilds to be completely immersed into.  It was like living within a complete ecosystem, rather than a broken one.

These days there is so much mis-construed  fear mongering, by many who cling to false beliefs, that the general public is grossly led on to erroneous ideas. The “can” gets kicked down the street again, like politicians are doing to our future  by government of today. Unfortunately that “can”  contains a bad smell.  Rotten odor indicates when things go south, and that is not like in migrating ducks or geese avoiding heavy winter.

Sad and ironic is the level of perpetrated ignorance related to our natural world, when everyone seems so connected these days by internet and improved access to information.  Or in many cases, mis-information that also sits disguised right next to the true facts. For example, a recent study showed that many people who watch Fox News are often less informed than those who watch no tv at all.  Such are the ramifications of some media sources reckless use of non-factual information.

It is hard to manage anything wisely, with the wrong information. Not only can it lead to electing  poor representives for the people, it also means implementation of wildlife policies gone astray.  This all calls for people to be more skeptical and better critical thinkers. To put on their bull $#%$ detectors and take the time to filter out all the dregs. Check and double check. Sifting fact from fiction is crucial to furthering our community  betterment.

Take another look at the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The big bad wolf is getting a bad rap.  Who’s really getting fooled here?

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