It finally snowed last night here in Riggins, but  just barely  enough to turn the ground white.   Of course, it was the fresh tracking snow I have been waiting all along for  my late hunt, but now it is too late. And ironically by only one day, as the season closed yesterday. But how cosmic is that?  Are the forces trying to tell me something? Who knows?

But what I do know, is how ironic the universe can be when it conspires with itself to facilitate observations of natural stories being told for hungry eyes always tready for the taking.  Again, this morning, as my own tracks followed me to my hot tub, I no sooner climbed in when I was greeted by Mr Bald Eagle (the white part of this story). As it flew only a few yards stately overhead, I couldn’t resist to wave at it along with the newly arise sun.  Sure enought, it tipped its wings at me. Ok, perhaps more of a flare from potential danger, but it looked like a returning wave all the same.  My choce to take it as such, anyway.

Not 30 seconds later came a flock of jet black crows flying the opposite direction and a little farther away from me than Mr. Eagle dared to fly. They were in cruise control and heading out to some unknown destination only known to crows. They are the black part of this story, and along with the white headed eagle,  represent the sharp contrasts in nature that make it all so much more noticable and stark.  The absence of color and the full spectrum of color, was contained in their message. It confirmed to me the idea that many things are not just black or white, and that it takes both to complete proper perspectives when observing anything in nature.  From no color to all colors, it takes both extremes to compose the full picture of our natural world.

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