I called my favor niece (ok, I only have one) last night to catch up on some family matters, and had a pleasant surprise. I was thrilled by a simple story she told me about taking her 3 year old daughter, Aria, and my first Grand Niece, out on a hike in the forest behind their house. It was the same place I took her when I last visited about a month ago.

First it was amazing to me how much a 3 year old can remember, and secondly which things actually end up sticking in their memory.  What I showed her in our first ever hike together, was how to walk about in nature without getting lost.  The idea being, not to rely on man made contraptions, just the information nature provides, and your own wits. It was simple. I just showed her how to lean a stick up next to a tree as a marker. It is also how I track animals when hunting and make referrence points when exploring in unchartered terrain just for fun.


It was only one small thing. But in nature, it is those small things that can make a huge difference, as to how things work or not.  For example, ever try rowing a boat without a tiny little thing called an oar lock?  Shoot an arrow without feathers? Fly a kite without  a tail? But, Senas story about Aria reminding her to put up a marker stick when they entered the woods,  made me feel good that somehow a lesson I was hoping might stick, actually did.  What better gift to get this time of year, than to learn that sometimes those seeminly insignificant things really are more significant than we could have initially   imagened. It was a big stick for me.

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