Happy New Year

……   for another full spin around the sun in 2012   …….

This post is in celebration of the real magic contained on our home in the universe.

But, just…

What Say The Universe?

At least from a human perspective this is what the universe is telling us, as our modern cosmology and quantum mechanics reveal:

That man is even more insignificant than we ever first imagined. If you were to pick out a dark spot in the night sky the size of a dime, and have an appropriate telescope, you could see within just this small area,  around 100,000 galaxies.  Then add in the fact that the entire  universe (everything in it, including us) is made up of 70% empty space, and our importance seems to flail.  I’m not sure which exponential superscript  to use for indicating  the proper  power of significance/insignificance that all represents???

However, lucky for us humans we are so biased and put most of our attention more into the other 30% of the universe, and ourselves. Insignificant as we may be, we are still here and a part of the magical life forms and events that unfold here on our tiny dust mote whirling about the immensity of space.  (to paraphrase Stanley Kubrick).

For  some of  the most amazing photography that helps bring forth the magic of this planet, get yourself a cup of something, sit back,  put your feet up, and enjoy this youtube video. It is an award winning visual synopsis from Planet Earth, and is simply awesome.  A real magic show of the best kind. A famous biologist once said: “Real magic in other words, refers to the magic that is not real, while the magic that is real, that can actually be done, is not real magic.” Such is the profound beauty of science.


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