Everywhere of course. After all, the world evolves around me, and you. Therefore, wherever you or I go, there goes the center of the universe.  Thanks again to Einsteins theory of relativity, our understanding of anything is by our frame of reference. More importantly, because the world revolves around everyone else too, then it only makes good sence to improve upon our self-awareness and repercussions of our actions. Like bumper cars in an amusement park, bumping, or being bumped, does matter to our outcome.

Just how easy is it to be unconscious to many of our actions? Well, I was out chukar hunting the other day with my dog Sugar. We were high on a remote ridge,far away from town, which is even farther away from the next nearest town, and progressively removed from any major city.  But, there along the edge of a cliff lay the remnants of a mylar balloon.  Once it was filled with helium, not only to make the micro-thin orb rise, but probably also the happy spirits of those celebrating something at a party.  It reminded me of the other balloon crash-sites I have occassionally found even further out in other wilderness areas, over time.

It always is such an effrontery to my senses. Both is it surprising to find such a thing, yet sad to think how much harder it is to find places that are not in some way another mirror to the mis-applied hand of man. I often wonder about those who release such hot air balloons.  What are they thinking, if anything,  beyond being over joyed watching the launch? Where do they think that floatie will end up? Carried off into the stratosphere where it will be absorbed into nothingness by the cosmos?

Like the Kon-Tiki expedition of Thor Heyerdahl, when they discovered the heaps of floating garbage far out in the middle of the ocean, finding these mylar balloons were yet a reminder that we need to pay attention what leaves our finger tips. Being in the seat of a bumper car has consequences. Perhaps it would be a better game if we change the goal to avoid hitting others, instead of running into them with as much force as possible.

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