How sanitized is your world?  Is cleanliness a big priority to you? Not yet polishing door knobs or washing your hands after shaking someone else’s?  Does knowing that you share your pillow with 40 million bed mites every night, make you feel queasy? Think about it, not only mites, but their dung, too.  Or do you practice the 3 second rule, where food dropped on the floor can be eaten  if picked up before that time elapses?

As progress (a highly debatable  concept) marches forward, it seems people in general continue to remove themselves from nature, inch by inch. Our fears of rats, bats, and scats, often leads us to living more inside some protective bubble of our own making. We sanitize our relationship to nature so much these days, that our fear of  bacteria and bugs may be causing us to become less resistant to them.  Exposure, not isolation from, allows us to live with better abilities to build up our immunity systems.  This lack of exposure is the reason more people are developing allergies now.  Putting a wall between ourselves and the outdoor world, is akin to trying to fool mother nature, and as the old tv commercial claims,   is not good to do.

Being too paranoid when your  kid is left to scramble around the floor, or play in the dirt, or engage raw nature, can backfire. Over-protection from coming face to face with nature, can be a kick in the butt to your intentions.  Lighten up, get out, get down and dirty.  It might be more fun than you think. And better for your health.

Try a river trip. Not only will you be able to run bare foot through the sand, but there is plenty of water to be as clean as you wish. In the end, it is all about balance when engaging our natural world, bugs and all.

Rivers make good medicine with us, we make good medicine with rivers.

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