Should our politicians cut taxes? Yes, for people. However, consideration of just what a tax really is, merits further review.  Taxation with representation of the actual costs we incur for our bent towards  un-doing the many threads that hold all of  nature together, calls for such radical departure from the norm.

A tax is an instrument used to help pay for the actual price of doing business. This  includes any business, but especially human business. Being  human is a full-time personal business of scurrying around trying to make ends meet. Altruistically, it means  working towards the idea of being a contributing member of a community, biologically and socially,  to thus help propel our cultures prosperity into perpetuity.

Remember,  everything has a cost. Every action begets a reaction. No free lunch. Perpetual motion machines are still a wild fantasy. To see the total picture of anything requires nothing hidden from the camera. True capitalism must include natural capitalism, if we ever seek the best solution doing humans ongoing business. Factoring  natural capital into the original industrial capitalism equation,  as a community member,  and not continue with a dominionist attitude. is a better way not to perpetuate  that  superiority complex of man over nature.

Instead of taxing people, lets tax the resources we use. Tax ecosystem services, not people. Rather than paying personal income tax, lets pay as we go, on things that we use.  Like, on gas at the pump, pesticides we put into the ground, gases we put into the air, waste that goes to a landfill, rivers we dam, water we irrigate with, and so forth. We are already being taxed by everything we use, we just may not realize it. And politicians influencing policy rarely do recognize the true cost of doing business.  It is time to redirect our money.

For too long, many of the big businesses of corporate America has been subsidized at the expense of our public lands. No wonder they have gotten so big, not paying the true cost to the planet for doing their business.  Getting something for relatively nothing, is like trying to wash clothes without any soap.  The trick is to balance the load with the right kind and amount of soap.  Soap is needed that  not only cleans, but is also compatible with the system as it gets recycled back in.

There is nothing wrong with creating wealth, that is, if it does so without shooting off our foot in the long-range analysis.  Balance is a challenge, indeed, but a necessary one if we wish to live more gracefully on our home and with honor to our high ideals.

Our own science reveals measurable  evidence  that there are some resources that no amount of money can buy and few, if any, man-made substitutes can  provide, which nature does.  Nature will tax us, if we do not tax ourselves. We are only fooling ourselves, if we think we are exempt from paying tax on the natural resources that ultimately fuel our prosperity.  It is time to revamp our entire tax structure to align it more to the stark realities of Mother Nature.  Natural Capital Rules.  Ignoring it is ultimately a perilous path.

Rivers make good medicine with us, we make good medicine with rivers.

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