Simple answer: event horizon at the brink of uncertainty.  As physicists and philosophers  tell us,  a black hole is where there exists a spacetime curvature, such that not not even light can escape from its  “horizon line” border.  Once any kind of matter or light is sucked beyond the lip into this funnel to nowhere, or everywhere, there is no return.


 This feeling of passing that line of no return, is the same feeling I get when approaching a difficult whitewater rapid.  The  horizon line can actually be seen from a boat approaching the uncertainty that  lies ahead. Often the view from river level, in a boat, is of exploding splashes of water erupting above a definite line of demarcation directly above the rapid.  It is a demarcation between certainty, ( boat right side up) and uncertainty (boats unknown outcome soon to follow).

Drifting closer and closer, towards the “event horizon” is a passage into a never-never  zone of “inevitability”.   It is akin to  a stare-down with a precurser to a real event – about to be turned into a “in-your-face” reality.   Perhaps like looking at a microcosm of earths curvature, but so compressed and abrupt that it appears one could fall off the edge and into oblivion.  Sometimes, I can even hear the music from the old Twilight Zone movies, running through my head, the closer I get to that nebulous dimension.

There are normally eddies and water where one could pull in or reach shore to abandon the run. But, once past the line of diminishing returns, nothing can stop you from running the rapid. This is where the  river has you in its grip, and it is up to whatever you can do with the oars to guide your boat through the maelstrom and fuzzy realm of uncertainty.  It is also where it seems you can actually feel the electricity in the water. It shocks your senses into a keen awareness and extreme focus of intent. Survival mode kicks in and your entire being is truly “being” –  all in one place, and all at one moment of time. Me is me, reaffirmed.

It is where the magic of water’s power resides, and tunes one into seeing  life for more than just a trick of fantasy. It is where real is real, and life is life. The bare bones of feeling pulse and breath of life reveals our simple significance to our aloneness in the universe. Yet connected to everything around us.

Note: sorry, I don’t have any pictures of the horizon line from a boats perspective. That’s because my hands are on the oars and not a camera at that semi-petrified place on the river.

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