Simple Answer: curiosity is the juice of life. Uncertainty and wonderment of the unknown is a carrot for people.  Ever watch a magic show? Who is not bedazzled or befuddled by the more outlandish tricks?  The harder it is to guess how the stunt was performed, the more marvel it creates in the mind.  That “wanting to know” is out there at the end of the cerebral  stick, beckoning to our innate curiosities.

Venturing out into nature is like attending the biggest magic show on earth.  There are so many amazing tricks to explore.  Like wanting to know how the stage magician’s trick is performed, so too is the way nature plays to our senses, igniting deep  desires to learn her mysteries.  The questions inspired by the natural world come from an endless stream that constantly provokes our attention.  How did that bighorn sheep scamper across boulders covered by slippery moss without breaking a leg? Why do fish have eyes, but no eye lids? Do they sleep with their eyes open? Why do cougars  have claws that retract, but wolves do not? Why do bears hibernate  or squirrels estivate?  Why do lady bugs ball-up in pine cones for the winter?

All magic is explainable because there is no real magic at all.  Science has an answer for every trick the magician performs, rather you know the answer or not. But what we think of magic, does not exist in the real world, only our minds. It is what gives rise to our superstitions and myth making.  It seems us humans need to have answers to everything, even if they are wrong. If we can’t find the answer immediately, we make them up. Does this mean it is some innate trait for humans to be so impatient? Even  the fact I am trying to answer that question might be more evidence for the curious side of the human personality.

But, that’s ok, it just adds more spice to life and keeps the inner juices flowing.  If we had no such spark, we might turn into a zombie, forever stumbling around in some form of unconscious walking stupor.  Each day the sun comes up and arches across the sky, turning dark to light like magic. But in reality it is the movement of the earth that enables that illusion of truth to happen, It occurs everyday, and is the same sun each time. Yet, the rays of shine  are always different and so too their effect, be they direct or indirect. Therefore, something new will result, despite the appearance of just another day ahead. Clouds can change the suns dance on the sky. As nature unfolds spontaneously in her  cause and effect ways, a diversity of events will soon be put into a wild drama for those who tune into the show.

Is this a picture of a tree with pet rocks, or rocks with a pet tree trunk?  Nature’s tricks are endless and inspire ever more questions to keep our minds on the wandering, ever wondering. Rather we use telescopes, microscopes, or no scopes at all to view the grandest show on earth, the world is a big stage.

A rabbit may not come out of a hat, but a snowshoe hare will change colors with the season. Brown in summer, white in winter, transformed by natural magic that allows for its survival in a landscape full of predators with tricks of their own.  Not knowing, ever questioning, is part of the real magic of nature. But once we get an answer it is a bit of a let down, so is why the question is much more exciting. It is the kind of uncertainty and luring show that will keep me going back for more. It is free, lasts all day, and happens everyday of the week, all life long.

The real beauty of magic is that it consists of the reality of things we already know, and those things that exist, but that we do not yet know. Man is exploratory by nature, always in pursuit of truth and discovery. Discovery of what?  Anything and everything. Does it really matter? The question is the answer.

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