Einstein said: “time is a river.”  It’s a giant river, and we are all swept up by it, he claimed.  It can speed up and slow down. Did you know that time has different rates on our Moon, and on different planets?  It makes me wonder: if I dialed my own cell phone number, then jumped on a rocket to the moon, could I get there fast enough to answer my own call?  Ok, a little out there, granted. But that is the beauty of being able to fantasize.

Many of the questions about time is how Einstein came up with his theory of relativity.  I always like that concept, as it is great metaphor for what happens to people when they go on a river trip.

Time seems to slow down in relationship to the fast paced world they leave behind. LIke entering some magical time machine, stepping out into the wonderful world of rivers, we can travel to larger destinations ro our own fantasy worlds. We have more time to relax and dream. Getting fooled into believing you are living in paradise, is a feeling I often get while floating various rivers. Sure, it may eventually end, bursting my fantasy. But, at least I get to have it for a while, and based on all the smiles on people I have shared such experiences with over the years, I’m not the only one.

An escape can be very medicinal, specially when one can get temporarily lost in the process.  Similar to being marooned on an island perhaps.  With no pressures, you can do anything you want, any time you want to. How freeing is that? It is a wonderful launching pad to lift off your spirit. It is also quite addictive.  Blasting off on another river adventure makes me want only more. It’s like a disease I am glad I have because it works the opposite of most such maladies. It improves my life for the better.  Catch it if you can.

Rivers make good medicine with us, we make good medicine with rivers.
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