Often those who get most of the glory in many professions stand on the shoulders of those behind the scenes that play a large part in lifting them up. In my case, a big part of the reason I get to continue sticking an oar in the water is that my wife does a fantastic waggle dance to help get me there. A waggle dance, you wonder? Well, that is a term behavioral biologists use for how honey bees communicate in a hive.  Nestmates inside the hive have elaborate movements (called the waggle dance)  which they use to inform others  of the location and distance of food from their hive.

My wife, Barb, spends a lot of time on the phone communicating information to potential guests about the type of trips we offer the public. She is very good at answering questions and providing an honest assessment of expectations that people will appreciate when they arrive.  No need for stretching truth, or painting elegant pictures that often accompany typical hype many advertisers use to entice people to buy their products.  She knows that satisfaction comes from matching people’s wants and needs to the type of adventure that will most likely come the closest to fulfilling their expectations.

Before she was tied down to the office world, she helped guide trips on the river. However, she sustained a back injury only after a couple of years of guiding, that curbed her abilities to continue oaring down the river. It was an unfortunate circumstance, but one she had adapted to, as she continues to answer inquiries with informed advice and expertise.  Though, she does not get out on the river as often now, she still gets out when situations avail, and loves camping out and the entire river trip adventure.

Did I mention she got her interest in picking up mis-guided driftwood along the way? These stray pieces of wayward wood make it to our shops frontage in the form of landscaping that she is also very good at building.  Our shop is not your typical river business attraction. It is more like the river itself, as everything represents many of the fine elements one would find in a more natural setting.

Our business is made up mostly of repeat guests, and that is something we always strive for and appreciate.  The real beauty of the smaller group size trips that is our specialty is that it increases our friendship base.  Satisfied guests go home with many fine memories and feeling more like having made new friendships, that are much more valuable than just being another clog in the giant advertising machine that is often at the center of our culture.

Barb has been a big part of this.  Not only does she keep me out on the water as much as she can, she also prepares lunch materials on day trips, and shuttles our rig for launching boats and again for picking us up at the end of each adventure.  Of course, a lot of paper work is also required to keep things running smoothly, that she also covers.

While it may seem like running rivers is just about having fun, there is more to it than meets the eye, as Barb can attest to from her experience in the trenches of what happens behind the scenes.  Like anyone who makes it to the Olympics, it requires a lot of time and effort to get one to that final lofty crucible of champions. In my book, she is a true champion.

Rivers make good medicine with us, we make good medicine with rivers.

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