The call of the wild is not a sound. It is a force and pull. It comes in many forms from nature and is heard by many, though no ears are required to hear it.  An old Indian saying is that silence is the voice of the Great Mystery.  Perhaps it is all a matter of “spirit talk.” The human spirit communicates to all other forms of spirit.

Ever notice how humans are drawn to the flames of a campfire, like a moth is to the light? Could it be that the fire is a release of the woods spirit?  Could a giant wave crashing against the shore be a release of the ocean’s spirit?  Like a soul, a spirit is formless and invisible. But like the unseen force of electricity, it has a current like the river, and can generate power to light up man-made contraptions to enable energy for various aspects of the  human world.

Before the microscope was invented the unseen world of germs, viruses and bacteria carried on their business of spreading infections and disease. We couldn’t see them, but they existed for thousands of years unbeknownst to us.  They too are a part of the wild and powerful forces in nature. Their job is to break things down when plants and animals die, and to control numbers when populations of organisms stretch beyond their carrying capacity.

From the most smallest of forms to the very largest, all dance together to the melodies of vast cosmic fores inspired by nature’s music.  Each dance shapes the world we see, hear, and experience.  All of these events contribute to the call of the wild. Can you feel it?

Every time I step into a boat that is ready to launch on another river trip, this inherent call of all things wild excite my senses. As seasons change, so do the different calls that attract my attention. Each natural cycle eventually completes a circle, yet every time a loop is completed, enough experience has elapsed to alter perceptions of the next loop, So the circle really becomes an upward spiral as levels of learning earn compound interest at every additional full spin.  Such is the beauty of nature’s wisdom.