Does evolution tell us we come from monkeys? Many people, and often  the highly religious mistakenly believe this is true. But, this is not the case. While we may share a high degree of genetic commonality with other primates, that is not what evolution spells out. Evolution simply describes how change comes about. It defines a process.

When any thing changes from one state to another, in some kind of successional order, that explains real  evolution.  All events are linked together, simply because one thing always leads to something else. Things don’t just happen out of the blue. Something isn’t the result of nothing.  Even lighting, which seems to be  making its appearance out of nothingness or randomality, was caused by some prior  event.  Something else happened before the bolt materialized  in order to  enable it to happen.

That fish didn’t just end up on your line due to random chance. It landed there because you had your line in the water, in the right place at the right time. You may not know when the right time occurs or the right place exists in every moment, but you at least know the chance for catching a fish exists. That is, as opposed to not existing, by virtue of not having a line in the water.  Catching a fish is simply a process of evolution.  One event leads to another and sooner or later the law of probability will eventually lead to success.  Fishing leads to catching. The real question is not to equivocate about the existence of evolution. It does. Rather, the real question is:   to fish, or not to fish? Just ask these kids.