Christmas Eve News Flash!!!

Bright Object in sky above Salmon River in Idaho

 Dec 14-15, 2012 deer hunt 028

Hey folks, I was out on the high ridge lines of the Salmon River with my dogs chasing chukars today, and found some unusual tracks on the ground. It appeared to be the parallel lines of sled runners bisecting deer tracks, indicating several deer were pulling something across the snow. But it wasn’t a conventional snow sled. It turns out the two lines were really the chine tracks of a large boat being dragged across the steep terrain.

By the downhill direction these tracks headed, it appeared they were on some kind of speed building launch approach.

Sure enough, when I got to where the tracks ended, I was treated with a most amazing sight in the sky far above.  At first is appeared as a bright object. A bona fied UFO (unidentified Flying object). However, under closer scrutiny I was able to get a better identification as to what this unique object actually was. What I saw was a portly man in a red suit riding in a giant dory boat with sails. It was full of gifts. And yes, it indeed was Santa Claus. (though he and his reindeer were somewhat hidden in this sketchy photo I managed to get of his air dory sailing in the wind and presumably heading your way.)

Tackle Store Santa Sailing Ship 2012 013

And apparently, by the fishing poles, binoculars, sleeping bags, hiking boots, paddles, life jackets, frying pans, coffee pots, chairs, tables, tents, and other assorted outdoor wear and camping gear, he was heading out to deliver Christmas surprises to people who like river running and outdoor adventure.

Wow, there are some lucky families that will awaken Christmas morning with some really big surprises, not only of some great outdoor gifts, but more importantly each other to enjoy them with. (The gift of life isn’t found at Macy’s).

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”

– William Shakespeare

Dec 14-15, 2012 deer hunt 020

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
– Martin Luther King, jr.

Merry Christmas from the Wapiti Clan

Barb & Gary

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