Scorpion Medicine


Scorpion Medicine


Once upon a time there lived a tribe of scorpions in the remote wilds of a beautiful canyonland paradise. Each winter the elders would gather up the younger generation and tell stories to help enrich their lives. Many of the  legends had valuable insights about how to live life, and some times symbols and figures were etched into stone to remind people of the future not to forget lessons from the past.


“Let me tell you about the gifting of Grandfather Scorpion,” said Uncle Scorpion, to the little ones. “Long ago, some strange, giant beings floated down the great river in an unusual craft and landed upon our shores. They then got out and began looking around to find a place to sleep for the night. Your curious Grandfather went out to meet them with a raised stinger, to defend or welcome the unknown giants, depending upon their intentions.”


“But the giant beings were filled with fear at seeing a scorpion, so squashed Grandfather to his death with one crushing blow,” he continued.

“Thus, Grandfather’s gift to you was to run and hide whenever you see these strange beings approach your home, or at least raise your stinger to defend your presence, if they ever catch you by surprise. These beings have lost their connections to all the other creatures and live in fear of many things they do not fully understand. So always respect your Grandfather and live by the wisdom he has passed on to you,” advised Uncle Scorpion.


But many moons later, a young girl scorpion and boy scorpion forgot all about the wisdom stories and began gossiping about the crazy decisions other scorpions seemed to be making. So one of the elders, upon hearing them, took them aside for a thinking question: “Do you realize that when your stinger is pointing towards others and after the poison is released, your tail curls back and points at yourself? So, be careful what you say, or it may come back to haunt you. Otherwise, scorpion karma may follow you with some trickery,”he added.

Several days later a boat appeared on the water and the strange beings began to land. The two gossiping scorpions forgot about the wisdom gifts and stood their ground with stingers down, to meet the intruders. These giants looked friendly enough, they thought.


Unfortunately, the intruders were still afraid of these scorpions with their wicked little stingers and so crushed them to their deaths. Scorpion karma had finally caught up with the two little gossiper’s, whom had ridiculed others and forgot about the ancient wisdom path. So they then became an unfortunate (for them) part of scorpion history to teach other scorpions (the fortunate one’s) to pass on the “stinger” wisdom gift.
What is the stinger gift?

The wisdom gift and medicine of the scorpion stinger is multi-faceted in its efficacy. It teaches that behavior has consequences and ignoring nature’s wisdom leads to a finite path. It can sometimes be  self-deprecating.
True scorpion medicine only works for those who take it and appreciate its potential. It is one of the many ancient wisdom’s that is available through the fractals of nature’s various medicines.

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Our world is made up of fractals, the patterns that ripple throughout all nature. All “others” are connected and share the natural world equally. It is only by self-delusion than man arrogantly believes he is the manipulator and controller of nature. Only by a reverting back to appreciating all things in nature are equal will better tolerance and harmony result amidst all creatures and the environment in which they live. The only reason for “others” to exist is for comparison so each can know itself as separate from. Not greater or lesser than, but different. To lose any one “other” is to diminish diversity.

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The path to wisdom and knowledge is endless. Living in-tune with earth wisdom will lead to an open endless path. False wisdom, is knowing and not doing. Coming to know wisdom and not practice it, ultimately is not wisdom.

Once stung by anything, it slows us down enough to re-evaluate our own pulse amidst the many. Shifting consciousness will facilitate different directions and results. If we run too fast across the landscape we will be out of tune with it. To help the planet and all life forms, we must first help our self. We are only a self in relationship to others. Harmony comes when all “others” are in tune with each other, and thus able to make true music compatible with the earth upon which all feet dance.

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Unplug. Reconnect to Source.
Follow Flow

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Best Trip Ever?


Owyhee 6 day April 1 2013 177

Best trip ever?  I just got off a 6-day Owyhee River trip that I like to refer to as the Estrogen Express on Little Grand Canyon North. Being the only male in a party with three females, has its challenges. But fun!  In fact, so much fun, that one guest (I won’t mention your name here Terri) told me it was her best trip ever.  This is always a welcome but troubling thing for me to hear after the completion of any river trip that people have enjoyed so much.

Owyhee 6 day April 1 2013 190

It is a bit embarrassing and I am tempted to fudge the truth a little and agree, but then what about all those other super trips in the past I have been on? Like the trip where I proposed marriage to my wife by scribbling with a stick on a magnificent sandbar in an outrageous canyonscape.  Once someone in my profession  gets nearly 40 years worth of trips behind them, that adds up to a lot of trips and happy times.  I would not like to discount any of those other great experiences, or rank them in any kind of order.  Minus a trip or two from hell, most of my experiences have been highly pleasurable. And I certainly would put this past one up their in the high level redline of the fun meter.

Owyhee 6 day April 1 2013 034

In fact, despite getting occasionally ganged up on,  almost all female trips I have led have been a real hoot. That is, at least gaged by the soreness of my guts during the trip of belly laughs that almost took me rolling to the sand. Good humor adds so much to an adventure that it is easy to send them to the top ranking positions of how much fun one journey can be.  It almost makes me think perhaps all female (or mostly female) trips might be a good niche market to consider.  Although, it might lead to early insanity and is always a risk for potential  male ill-mind health.

Owyhee 6 day April 1 2013 042

In essence, what is really  fun for me is to see the transformation that takes place between launch and take out, especially for those whom are on their first time on a river or a new one.   These ladies had all  been on other river trips, and two of them, on the Owyhee before. But each water level is never exactly the same,  so essentially a new river. Of course, the group dynamics were different, and fortunately a great mix of compatible personalities, so that adds significantly to the pleasure principle.

Owyhee 6 day April 1 2013 102

And of course, for Misty, who was rowing the other raft and guides for us here at the Wapiti Clan, had not been on this waterway before. The low water conditions were a far different experience than the big water of the Salmon River that she is used to.  But, being good on the oars and reading water helped her to successfully make good runs.  The technical aspect of bony boulder garden rapids actually makes one  better on the sticks when they get back to larger volume rivers.  I’m sure she will soon appreciate it once the dust has settled and her memory kicks-in to help finesse a good route through the challenging rapids of the Salmon River.

Owyhee 6 day April 1 2013 061

The entire experience of this trip reminded me of a passage in a book I had once read: “The Gulf Stream will flow through a straw provided the straw is aligned to the Gulf Stream, and not a cross purposes with it.”  …  “So now I always tell my students about the Gulf Stream: that what it means for us, for writers, is that we need to align ourselves with the river of the story, the river of the unconscious, of memory and sensibility, of our characters’ lives, which can then pour through us, the straw.”

Owyhee 6 day April 1 2013 039

And so it is with a river experience. When we align ourselves with all the current, not only of the river, but everything else that flows between the canyon walls, we become the vessel through which it all pours. We can absorb all the juices that leaves a stain forever on our inner walls…and add that much more to the next time we dip that same straw into the flowing waters.  Fortunately, there are a lot of best trips ever,  soon to be, laying there in wait for another vessel to appreciate it once again. It is the way of the river and waters magic.

Owyhee 6 day April 1 2013 198